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[ September 06 2004 7:24PM ]
[ mood | content ]


Add it, because that's where I'll be updating from now on. ________runaway

Everyone currently on my friends list has already been added.

Summer's departure [ September 06 2004 1:14PM ]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I'm really uneasy about starting school tomorrow. This summer I've built up an immunity to having responsibility and now I have to tear it down.. and get back into setting my focus on the future. College, deciding what I want to do with my life. I do realize that I have all this year and my senior year, but we know how fast time flies. I remember like it was just yesterday... I was walking out of school on the last day feeling carefree and assuring myself that I had all summer to do what I wanted. Well now it's the last day of break and I feel like there's so much I haven't done.

But I have enjoyed my summer vacation. I did a lot of new things, experienced a variety of stuff I was never exposed to before. My only relationship this summer was anything but serious, but I am not complaining one bit. I got to see my best friend get her first boyfriend, and that was also similar to mine, in the sense that it wasn't too serious. I'm not sure what the highlight of my summer was. But I'll look back on it and not have any regrets.

Farewell summer.

Some highlights from this summerCollapse )

4 __ CMNT.

[ September 05 2004 11:44PM ]
[ mood | cold ]

Well tonight was splendid. Maeve, Lauren and I went to the fair around 7:30. We walked around for a while and ate food.. then we went and watched Another Found Self. They were spectacular if I may say so myself. After that we ate more food.. and.. stuff like that.

I finally tried fried cheese tonight, it was pretty tasty, but I personally would probably want to put ketchup on it. I'm weird, I know.

One thing that's been bugging me is when people take things for granted. Like if you have something but don't take it to your advantage, it's such a waste. I would never do something like that, because there's so many people that don't have what you have. )#^&@^(*&^@#

Anyways.. I need to do school shopping. I have one new shirt and that's all, and school starts in 2 days. Me and Anita were supposed to go today.. but we both sort of forgot and yeah.

No more.

2 __ CMNT.

Are you that someone? [ September 05 2004 3:15PM ]
[ mood | okay ]

Well I was right. My entire body hurts.. courtesy of the Canfield Fair. Legs, feet and back hurt from walking for the past 4 days. Neck hurts for whatever reason. Vagina, inner thighs and arms hurt from the bungee whatever. But it was cool I guess.

Helium balloons are very entertaining to a bunch of 16 year olds, let me tell you.

Anyone want to come with me to the fair tonight? Pleeeease? :)

Something about this song makes me want to break shit.

3 __ CMNT.

[ September 04 2004 2:01PM ]
[ mood | calm ]

xWHOA its sam: its funny because we get snow days and you guys get like hurricane days
O m F Gitsjuliex: lol
O m F Gitsjuliex: i always wanted to have a snow day.
xWHOA its sam: theyre a good time
O m F Gitsjuliex: yeah cuz no one dies from snow days.
O m F Gitsjuliex: ..do they?
xWHOA its sam: lol
xWHOA its sam: maybe car accidents?
O m F Gitsjuliex: oh well.. our cars get blown away.

4 __ CMNT.

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